Wiicom won the CIM4.0 non-refundable loan for the PFTC + project


Wiicom has been awarded by CIM4.0 for a straight grant for its project PFTC+, jointly with Modelway S.r.l.

Out of 108 participants, PFTC+ is one of the 17 winning projects that will benefit from over 3M € in straight grants of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) and will cover 50% of each project investment, for a total value of 6,5M €. There are 36 companies involved, of which: 8 micro enterprises, 7 small enterprise, 3 medium enterprise, 16 big companies e 2 innovative start-up, most of them partnering up.

The number of eligible but not funded projects demonstrates the presence of a production system that innovates and contributes to the economic development of the Italian territory in which we must invest.

The news: https://lnkd.in/ejtAxMe

The ranking: https://lnkd.in/d-5rU8A

Wiicom presenterà ad A&T 2020 il PFTC


Wiicom presenterà ad A&T 2020 il PFTC: il sistema di oggettivazione per utensili pneumatici completamente retrofittabile.

Non è più necessario riprogettare linee di assemblaggio o acquistare nuovi tool di ultima generazione per diventare “4.0”.

Il PFTC (Pneumatic Flex Tool Control) permette di discriminare ogni singola operazione degli attrezzi ad azionamento pneumatico in maniera oggettiva e precisa.

Contattaci all’indirizzo info@wiicom.it per il tuo caso d’uso!

I primi vent’anni dell’ Incubatore d’Imprese Innovative del PoliTo


I3P, Incubatore d’Imprese Innovative del PoliTo ha festeggiato i suoi primi vent’anni e tracciato il bilancio aggiornato dell’attività del 2019. Wiicom è stata una delle 255 imprese incubate dal 1999.

Ad oggi Wiicom opera nel mondo IoT per l’industria 4.0 con Bosch e alcuni leader nel settore Automotive. Grazie I3P per il percorso insieme dal 2012 al 2015!

Iper amortisation of 250% (in Italy): Industry 4.0

Only in Italy all Wiicom products benefit from the over-amortization of 250%, set up under the 2017 Budget Law.

This is a maximum increase that allows to increase the deductible cost of all the instrumental goods acquired to transform the company into a technological and digital key 4.0. This is actually investment in intelligent, interconnected machines.

Includes functional assets for the technological and / or digital transformation of businesses according to the “Industry 4.0” model and intelligent devices, instrumentation and components for integration, sensing and / or interconnecting and automatic process control used also in Modernization or revamping of existing production systems.

For devices, instrumentation and components, they are also packages and components of the plant as long as they ensure that the modernized machine or plant complies, with the modernization, the mandatory features and additional features.

In short, all Wiicom products, having these features and if used for Factory 4.0, benefit from the depreciation charge, which results in a reduction in their cost.

Excellencies: Wiicom selected by Panorama

L’incontro “Eccellenze imprenditorali del territorio a confronto” a Torino in occasione di Panorama d’Italia – 7 Aprile 2017

Wiicom was selected by Panorama at the conference titled “Business Excellence in Comparative Territory” held on Friday, April 7 at 11.30 am at Palazzo San Martino di San Germano in Piazza Castello, 99, Turin.

Paolo Landolfo talked about the birth and development of Wiicom, a reality that has now emerged in the Industry of 4.0 and the technologies Internet of Things.

The conference was one of the events of the “Panorama of Italy” tour, an initiative promoted by the weekly Panorama of the Mondadori groupPanorama’s “journey”, unique and innovative in its kind, aims to enhance the entrepreneurial, cultural, food and wine excellence of the individual Italian territories. After the great success of the media and public in the past three editions, Panorama d’Italia was released this year with ten new stages and ten new cities involved. Four days to discover and to enhance Turin, from 5 to 8 April for the first stop of the tour with a rich program of events, through which the winning lands of the region were told with interviews, insights, events and tables Round.

The event involved the Panorama, the panorama.it and panoramaditalia.it websites, and all Mondadori / Mediaset group media (with Radio 101, links with TGcom24 and insights on Mediaset networks), as well as all Local medi