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Our Products

We have developed some cool products,
have a look may the next one can be your new idea

Pneumatic Flex Tool Control

The objectifyng system for pneumatic tools

Wiicom’s PFTC is compatible with every pneumatic tool
with piston movement.

Socket Insert Holder

Smart management system for socket inserts.

Work cycle management with a led that highlights the correct compass necessary to perform each individual process.

Wi-Fi Modules & Converters

Cut the wires, join the wireless community

Get a signal from a standard port, send it via WiFi, get it on the otherside. All of this plug & play.
Wiicom modules are WiFi modules that enable point to point machine communication as a radio bridge, naturally plug and play.


Smart management system for tool management.

Work cycle management that highlights and monitors all the operations through a central systems.

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