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Wireless Sensors​

We don’t need wires for fetching data from a remote sensors.

That’s the past!

Less-Wire More-Sensing

We don’t need wires for fetching data from a remote sensor. Wiicom enabled temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, toxic gases to be detected from far. Simply plug the sensor wherever you need, make sure wi-fi communication reaches the point and manage it remotely! 

It measures: Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Gases, Presence, Proximity and much more.

Hot & Cold and Gas Detections

The field of Heat and Cold, better identified with the acronym HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), is the most attracted by the technological evolution and, more specifically, by wireless Wi-Fi technology. There are several reasons, but surely all reasonable and interesting.

In fact, while before a control system of conditioning was limited to the environment in which it was included, it now has to be open, integrated with other systems, accessible, comfortable.

Every single source of heat or cooling can now be controlled and can communicate with the outside world, even through personal devices (smartphones and tablet).

Not only temperature, humidity, but also any other toxic gas can be detected by smart sensors. An I/O signal is interpreted, translated in any protocol and send via BLE, WiFi, LoRa, NBIot or any other mean of communication. Trust who knows how to deal with sensing, communicating, and commanding machineries.

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