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Complementary Tools

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Complementary product development

Wiicom collaborates with companies & enterprises that develop product and product lines. Indeed our expertise is focused on electronic product development.

Business Case

Socket inserts holder: Smart Management System for socket inserts.

The Sockets Inserts Holder hase a double operating mode able to operate in MODBUS mode, controled by a MES and in NEXO mode, controlled directly by the tool. The Socket Inserts Holder is able to highlight to the operator the right socket insert to use. If the wrong socket insert is taken, all the LEDs will begin to flash, with the exception of the one corresponding to the correct socket insert.

Wireless Connettivity: You can correct the Socket Inserts Holder to an existing Wi-Fi network. The Socket Inserts Holder is also able to create a Wi-Fi network for data communication and can be connected to the factory ethernet network.

Up to 32 Socket Inserts: Each Socket Inserts Holder contains 8 socket inserts and it is possible to connect 4 different Socket Inserts Holder in series, in order to use a maxium of 32 socket inserts. It is possible to associate a different job throught the system software to each socket insert.

Software Verification: With Socket Inserts Holder software, you can have under control in real time the on/off of each socket insert. Throught the virtual Socket Inserts Holder, you can perform several test like LED test or check the presence of each tool.

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