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Cost Cutting

Why to pay more when you can pay less

Cost Reengineering 

Why to pay more when you can pay less? We offer Engineering services for cost cutting purposes, by optimizing products and production processes.

Cost Engineering is the application of scientific principles and techniques in order to estimate the variable costs and investments in the manufacturing of a product and of every of its components. The information resulting from the analysis are then particularly useful in the phases of budget planning, of monitoring and control of the production and of decision and profit analysis.

Electronic systems cost cutting

Instead of cutting the costs of the components, our team looks into the root causes of hefty costs. We identify features that inflate the price tag but offer little value in return or are irrelevant to the consumer. We review over-specifications and check if we can remove or change them — but not at the cost of your compliance to legal standards. Wiicom will help you reduce costs and still meet requirements, such as CE marking and ISO standards.

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