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xcwifi-slider pwr-e-x-b9 slider Automotive Wi-Fi Ad hoc operation mode

XCWIFI: embedded Wi-Fi module

Single side SMT,
now available also with 8 digital I/O!

WIICOM provides a high speed Plug&Play module ready
to transfer data from fieldbus to 
UART, USB2.0, RS232, RS485, CAN, Digital I/O, Analog inputs

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PWR-E-X-B9: new Wi-Fi boxed modules

With external antenna!

Available with interfaces RS232, RS485, CAN Bus

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CAN BUS on Wi-Fi

New technologies on cars

WIICOM modules provide a high speed
serial interface to connect CAN BUS
on Wi-Fi networks. 

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Internet of Things

Wi-Fi Smart Factory for
personal devices and Cloud

Electrical direct interface: UART, RS232,
RS485, CAN BUS, digital signals

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