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XCWIFI is a Wi-Fi embedded module that interfaces various fieldbus such as UART, RS232, RS485, USB 2.0, up to 8 Digital I/O channels.

The XCWIFI is a plug&play Wi-Fi module and it is ready to transfer data from the fieldbus to Wi-Fi – and vice versa – in direct mode.

The module is an IEEE 802.11bgn device that directly provides a wireless interface for data transfer and control of equipments.

It is a complete and fully certified module that offers a quick, easy and cost effective solution to OEMs to enable Wi-Fi connectivity into their systems.


WLAN Functions

XCWIFI is a client/server type embedded Wi-Fi module.

This means that it is able to autonomously connect to a server, also public, and communicate with it. It can simulate a wire cutting between two devices if used with another XCWIFI module. It integrates WLAN protocol and configuration functionality to make a fully WLAN solution.

It permits ad hoc and infrastructure mode to create its own wi-fi network or to connect to an existent access point. The first one allows the module to create a direct connection to another module; the second mode allows the module to connect to an existing wi-fi network.


RS485 driver and receiver

RS485 uses two pins to enable/disable Driver and Receiver. Refer to HWGuide to know Pin position.


No Software Needed

The XCWIFI modules are immediately ready to be used. Thanks to Wiicom configurator software, available on Wiicom website, user can define all Wi-Fi network settings.

There’s no need to develope or modify any software on the host board.

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