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PWR-F-4DIO-Bx are converters from digital I/O to Wi-Fi and viceversa.

They are industrial Wi-Fi modules into a box on a DIN rail enclosure. The can be powered with a range between 6.5Vdc and 30Vdc.

PWR-F-4DIO-BI module is a converter from digital Inputs to Wi-Fi. Digital inputs can accept a Voltage between 0 and 30Vdc.

PWR-F-4DIO-BO module is a converter from Wi-Fi to digital Outputs. Digital outputs have an output range between 0 and 30Vcc.

Used both can be simulate the wire cutting between two devices, connected each other to digital I/O for monitoring and execution.

PWR-F-4DIO-Bx are Wi-Fi client / server modules. This means that they are able to autonomously connect to a server, also public, and communicate with it. The connection can be also ad-hoc and infrastructure with a standard Wi-Fi access point.


The PWR-F-4DIO-BI module (digital inputs) sends with TCP/IP a byte every 100ms or at every PIN value change. This byte contains the 4 PIN status.

In the same way, with PWR-F-4DIO-BO module (digital outputs) is possible to modify the status of 4 PIN by sending a byte that contains the required configuration to a TCP/IP socket.


PWR-F-4DIO-Bx modules are ready in few steps. Thanks to Wiicom CompactReadyGo configurator, user can set network parameters in an easy way.

It will not necessary to develope or modify any software, on the module or on the host machine.


Industrial machines interfaced with PWR-F-4DIO-Bx modules, are ready to be connected to a Cloud Service, like Wiicom Sense Cloud, to share data and send commands from everywhere.


All the Wiicom’s modules are an ideal solution for OEMs and System Integrators. In fact the PWR-F-D4IO-Bx eliminates development time on board of equipments, the burden of testing and certification, allowing customers to exclusively focus on core product.

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