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The Compact-S-D4IO is plug-and-play Wi-Fi stackable module. It is a digital I/O to Wi-Fi Converter.

The Compact-S- D4IO is server type Wi-Fi module. It is characterized by the capability to create a Wi-Fi network with its own factory IP editable and allow other Wi-Fi devices to connect to it.

Just a few configuration steps a quick and easy process, using our SW-Configurator issued free of charge to receive the status of 4 digital input pins or to send an actuation to 4 digital output pins through WI-FI.

Thanks to its compact size and extremely low power consumption, it is perfect for mobile applications such as wireless activity monitoringsensors and portable devices battery. With modules Compact-S-D4IO implements the concept of Internet-of-Things.


Compact-S-D4IO makes a connection through four digital I/O pins available, configurable as input or output and propagated directly to Wi-Fi. User can write or read PIN status.

If PINs are configured as input, Compact module will send a byte every 100msec or when PIN value changes. This byte contain PIN status.

Analogously, if PINs are set as output it is possible to change its status by sending a byte through the socket.


The Compact-S-D4IO modules are immediately ready to be used.

Thanks to Wiicom configurator software (Compact Ready Go), available on wiicom website, user can define all Wi-Fi network settings.

There’s no need to develope or modify any software on the host board.

Compact-S-D4IO is a module of very small dimension (42 x 23 x 5 mm), characterized by a very low power on which a TCP / IP module, a micro processor and an antenna are incorporated.


The COMPACT-S-D4IO is an ideal solution for OEMs that have a limited Wi-Fi or RF expertise. In fact the COMPACT-S eliminates development time on board of equipments, the burden of testing and certification, allowing customers to exclusively focus on core product.

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