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Compact-CS-CAN is a plug&play stackable Wi-Fi module with CAN-bus interface without transceiver.

All data read from CAN Bus network will be available on Wi-Fi in a open format XML or CVS, for a better integration into customer own software like mobile and web applications.

Compact-CS-CAN can be used as CAN Analyzer in Wi-Fi.

It has to be used in association with the customer CAN transceiver and its capable drive signals up to High-Speed mode.

It’s characterized by very small dimensions (42 x 23 x 5 mm), a ultra low power on which a TCP / IP module, a microprocessor and an antenna are incorporated. It integrates a RF transceiver with a power amplifier, a frequency reference and an antenna in-hardware. It can process and transmit selected CAN-Bus signals through Wi-Fi in a secure and plug-and-play way.

Compact-CS-CAN can be easily integrated on the vehicular electronic system. The connection to the CAN-Bus interface is made up soldering the module directly on the customer electronic device.

Moreover, user does not have to develope any software both on board and on the device host.

Compact-CS-CAN supports ad-hoc and infrastructure network types (using commercial access points).

Our solutions apply encryption modes to protect communication and use an innovative method to avoid latency and errors typical to Wi-Fi networks.


Compact-CS-CAN has to be used throw an existent CAN transceiver, soldering TX and RX pins.

It is also equipped with two digital I/O pins, that are configurables as digital Input or Output.


Messages of CAN BUS network are trasmitted on Wi-Fi and they can be manage in XML, CSV from which the native format can be rebuilt.


Compact-S-CAN modules are suitable for automotive applications that expect one-way communication exclusively with monitoring functions. The Compact-S-CAN is an ideal solution for OEMs and System Integrators that have a limited Wi-Fi expertise. In fact the Compact-S-CAN dramatically reduces development time and eliminates the burden of testing and certification, allowing customers to exclusively focus on core product.


Compact-S-CAN can be configured through the Compact Ready Go configurator provided by Wiicom. With the configurator is possible to configure desidered Wi-Fi settings and select a maximum of 14 CAN-Bus signals to receive.

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