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Embedded Wi-Fi Module

COMPACT Family is composed by complete and fully certified embedded Wi-Fi modules.

They are serial to WiFI Converters that offers a quick, easy and cost effective solution to OEMs to enable Wi-Fi connectivity into their industrial systems, products and processes.

COMPACT-S supports WPA/WPA2-PSK and WEP security modes.

The module is a complete IEEE 802.11bgn device server that directly provides a wireless interface for data transfer and control of equipments.

It integrates WLAN protocol and configuration functionality to make a fully WLAN solution.

Also the module permits ad hoc operation mode allowing Wi-Fi devices to connect to one another without an access point, for the transfer of data at any time and anywhere.

Ad hoc operation modeTwo or more devices that connect using wireless network devices without the use of a centralized wireless access point. A wireless device network that has no server or central hub or router. All the networked devices are equally able to act as a network server or client, and each client computer can talk to all the other wireless computers without having to go through an access point or hub.

Infrastructure operation modewireless access point (WAP) can be used to provide access from a wireless device to a wired network. WAPs are commonly used in larger networks to provide this access.