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Title of application Description
Control and monitoring on an automotive Canbus network (CANBUS) A Compact-S-CAN has been integrated into an automotive control unit to check and control some parameters over a CAN-Bus network (testing in progress). A system integrator is developing a tablet application and a management software to store all data from the ECU and to evaluate some working parameters.
Control and data transmission on CLOUD of a weighing system (UART) Our Compact-CS could be installed in a weighing system on board an industrial vehicle to transmit data to a cloud system. First it makes the vehicle connect automatically to the network when it’s near an area equipped for weighing. On the other hand cloud system is located in internet.
Control and monitoring on an automotive Canbus network on electri vehicle (CANBUS) A PWR-F-CAN-B has been integrated on electric vehicle to detect the operating parameters of the batteries to recharge them. The user developed APP for Personal Device (tablet and smartphone).
Planning, control and monitoring of a tracking system on vehicle (UART) On fleet management system, our module (UART) has been integrated on the control unit of localization on board a vehicle. The Wi-Fi communication is exploited for the programming, control and monitoring unit.