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Loccioni – Wiicom white-paper

Angeli, 20/01/97		Spett.leFirst Wiicom White Paper available:

“[..] The module concerned is the Compact-S-UART (Wiicom). The module, shown in the following figure, has reduced dimensions (42 x 23 x 5 mm), is low power consumption and allows to establish a serial communication via Wi-Fi.

The module configuration is quite simple and is well documented by material easily available on the Wiicom website.

The module creates a Wi-Fi network to which other devices can connect. Once connected, you can transfer and receive signals from the UART port device over the wireless network using the TCP/IP by simply opening a socket.

The integration with any programming language is therefore very simple. [..]”

Download: Loccioni – Testing Wiicom Compact-S-UART-ENG