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Machine to machine

In recent times many of these companies have started to adopt wireless standards, such as Wi-Fi, as the basis to their products and since then the market has started to grown exponentially, giving rise to Internet of Things.

Wiicom modules are complete and fully certified, serial to WiFi Converters which offers a quick, easy and cost effective solution to OEMs to enable Wi-Fi connectivity into their systems.

The COMPACT is wi-fi OEM module. It’s an ideal solution for OEMs that have a limited Wi-Fi or RF expertise.

In fact the COMPACT eliminates development time on board of equipments the burden of testing and certification, allowing customers to exclusively focus on core product.

M2M: machine to machine

Wiicom modules permit allowing Wi-Fi devices to connect to one another.

In ad-hoc operation modes Wiicom modules can take on both roles, server (with modules Compact-S) and client (with modules Compact-C, products soon) .

That is, the first still waiting for another device to connect to be connected to wi-fi, the latter is connected automatically to the Wi-Fi device recognized.

In this way the applications of the modules of Wiicom are innumerable.

Wiicom implements the concept of machine to machine natively.